Documents Archiving Services

Equipped with our enterprise archiving solutions (ArcMate DMS & ArcMate Capture); our experienced team are ready to archive millions of documents in a well-organized business process of archiving:

  1. Receiving
  2. Preparation
  3. Scanning
    1. Automatic Separation
    2. Automatic Indexing
    3. Quality Control
    4. Release to DMS
  4. Finishing

Call Center Management Services

An expert and well-trained sales staff (Sales Agents, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Managers), equipped with specialized In-house developed solution, based on latest technologies, to automate and monitor the whole sales process, and transactions in a centralized software to keep monitoring the whole business performance (KPI, dashboards, and Reports).

Delivery Services

"Same-day" delivery, with more than 40 delivery agents (drivers), covering all Kuwait areas; equipped with advanced, high tech., and smart delivery automation system (Tablet Application, Fingerprint, Signature, and Civil Id reader) for instant final activation of the client package upon successful delivery. In addition to back-office monitoring and follow-up (Chatting and Broadcast messages with Delivery Agents), and automatic live update for each delivery order.

Business Automation Services

We develop a business automation solution that provides a completely paperless environment for all direct and indirect sales channels, franchisees, and dealers that applies the company credit policy to guarantee accurate, quick, and validated transactions with electronic, signed, and fingerprinted PDF forms. The solution is integrated with the archiving solution to archive the electronic forms automatically. The solution has the following benefits:

  • Prevents human-mistakes, missing required documents, and wrong transactions
  • Saves the cost of collecting the contract hard copies and the cost of archiving (via Automation)
  • Avoid the penalties of lost contracts