Zain Automation

Project Description

Zain-Kuwait is looking always to automate their business process in a paperless environment; NVS-Kuwait was their to introduce our Biometric Tablet & Smart Application to collect the customer's biometric information (Civil Id Card reading, Fingerprint & e-Signature).

Dealer Automation System (DAS) that automates the prepaid cards sales process was introduced to the market in 2019 as well.

Details & Benefits

  • Having a biometric profile for all Zain clients (e-Signature, Fingerprint, Face Id, Civil Id meta data; and Civil Id photocopy
  • Ability to run the Smart Branch using Biometric Validation
  • Prevents human-mistakes, missing required documents, and wrong activations (DAS)
  • Saves cost of collecting the contract hard copies and the cost of archiving (DAS)