STC Call Center & Delivery

Project Description

In 2014, NVS-Kuwait started to provide the delivery services for STC-Telecom; following the "Same-day" delivery strategy, with more than 40 delivery agents (drivers), covering all Kuwait areas; equipped with advanced, high tech., and smart delivery automation system (Tablet Application, Fingerprint, Signature, and Civil Id reader) for instant final activation of the client package upon successful delivery. In addition to back-office monitoring and follow-up (Chatting and Broadcast messages with Delivery Agents), and automatic live update for each delivery order.

In 2016, NVS-Kuwait has completed the Outbound sales cycle, through an expert and well-trained sales staff (Sales Agents, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Managers), equipped with specialized solution developed to automate and monitor the whole sales process; and since 2016, NVS-Kuwait is managing and operating the Outbound Sales Activities, which includes a full back-office supporting services: Warehouse management (Smart Phones, Sim Cards, Play Stations, …etc.), Packaging, Pre and Final Activation on TABS System, and Quality Control.

Details & Benefits

  • Automated Sales & Delivery Process
  • Increase the sales performance through the Sales And Delivery Experts
  • Decrease the delivery time to one-day margin
  • Solutions KPI's to monitor the whole business process