To request Civil ID delivery service, use the following link: https://delivery.paci.gov.kw

لطلب خدمة توصيل البطاقة المدنية، استخدم الرابط التالي https://delivery.paci.gov.kw

For Complaints Or Delivery Inquiries, Please Call Us On ( 22066550 )

للشكاوى أو لإستفسارات خدمة التوصيل برجاء الإتصال على ( 22066550 )

In its constant endeavor to develop its electronic services, the Public Authority for Civil Information has launched a civil ID delivery service for citizens and residents in cooperation with New Vision Systems, the leading company in the fields of information technology and delivery services, and to request the service, visit the PACI website (https://delivery.paci.gov.kw) Then fill in your data and complete the payment process, after which the call center will contact you to confirm the time and location of delivery, when the representative arrives, hand over the old card to verify your personal data through the scanner, and then hand over the new card to you, make sure that the card is inside a sealed envelope. Your personal information appears on it, printed with the Authority's logo.

في سعيها الدائم لتطوير خدماتها الإلكترونية أطلقت الهيئة العامة للمعلومات المدنية خدمة توصيل البطاقة المدنية للمواطنين والمقيمين بالتعاون مع شركة نيو فيجن سستمز، الشركة الرائدة في مجالي المعلوماتية وخدمات التوصيل، ولطلب الخدمة قم بزيارة موقع الهيئة الإلكتروني (https://delivery.paci.gov.kw) ثم قم بتعبإة بياناتك وإتمام عملية الدفع، سيتواصل بعدها مركز الإتصالات معك لتأكيد موعد ومكان التوصيل، عند وصول المندوب قم بتسليم البطاقة القديمة ليتأكد من بياناتك الشخصية عن طريق جهاز الماسح الضوئي، ومن ثم تسليمك البطاقة الجديدة، تأكد من وجود البطاقة داخل مغلف مغلق تظهر عليه بياناتك الشخصية، مطبوع عليه شعارالهيئة.

About NVS

NVSSoft is a UAE based developer of Enterprise Information Management Solutions with a focus on industries such as healthcare, banking, and financial services, telecommunications, governments, and the public sector. NVSSoft is a privately owned company established in 2003, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and regional offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, and a network of resellers and value-added distributors and system integrators spanning the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia regions.

The seed of NVSSoft was planted in 1986 with the creation of Nenuphar, a small software development house. Nenuphar gained extensive experience through the successful development of various solutions including desktop publishing and digital mapping. Nenuphar later focused on information management and developed ArcMate (Document Management System) in 1996, Triton (Web Content Management System) in 1998, and Axiom (News Management System) in 2001.

In 2003 a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from across the region established New Vision Systems Inc. and fully acquired Nenuphar and its team, and continued to develop the software solutions according to international standards. In 2004, New Vision Systems was rebranded as NVSSoft and maintained New Vision Systems as its legal name.

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